Photography is a reverence to the light, the people, the place, the mood, and therefore my approach is consistently sensitive to the idiosyncrasies of the situation I am in. There is no perfect formula; such would simply limit the potential. Sometimes subject is life and movement, sometimes static and atmospheric. I may be documenting distinct and sentimental moments or defining a small business's visual appeal. Each project has its own set of motivations which help shape that particular creative process.

I capture imagery digitally or on film; the photogeek in me does not discriminate. What form your images will ultimately take is up to you. You may prefer digital files on disk, a collection of high quality prints, printed promotional materials, or the charm of a chemically rendered silver photograph, reminiscent of those found in your grandparents' albums. Please feel free to contact me with your ideas and we can formulate a plan for you.

I'm Lindsey Sarah, a photographer and designer, dancer, teacher, toiler. My work is the manifestation of my many, pesky, artistic inclinations. I've been working with cameras and the generous photographic medium personally and professionally for a good majority of my life. I'm degreed in Photography and Digital Media from University of Houston and have been working for several years as an educator of the practice. I've taught photography, electronic media, and filmmaking through Cy-fair ISD, the Houston Center for Photography and Aurora Picture Show. The creative capacity is what keeps me engaged with this world and I look forward to every opportunity to exercise it.

Send me a quick email with what sort of services you are needing and I'll send over pricing and details.